Zendaya Cast as Aaliyah in VH1 Biopic

Hi All! I’m back from my short little blogging break and it’s time to share some opinions out here!

This past weekend, I was informed via Instgram that there was going to be a biopic about Aaliyah on Vh1 this August. I’ve been a huge fan of Aaliyah since I was a kid so you can imagine how excited I was! I immediately wanted to know who was playing her but I didn’t find anything out. My best friend ended up texting me a screenshot of who was going to play and I was STUNNED AND DISAPPOINTED that it was Disney’s Zendaya…

Let’s not get it twisted, I am in no way a hater of Zendaya. I don’t know too much about her. HOWEVER every movie that I’ve seen that has been based on a music artist’s life, the lead role goes to a PERFECT MATCH. Movies such as Selena, El Cantante, Notorious, and just recently CrazySexyCool: The TLC story had exceptional actors play the role. Also, these actors resembled the actual artist. When I see Zendaya, I just don’t see her playing the role of Aaliyah. She’s a kid. I know Aaliyah was young but I wouldn’t have a 17 year old play her part. It’s a HUGE ROLE! Like I said, I have absolutely nothing against her but I feel like the part should’ve gone to someone else… *shrug*



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