Hit or Miss: BH Cosmetics 24 Pc Burgundy Brush Set

Hello everyoneeeeee! It’s Hit or Miss Monday! I know I didn’t do one last week, my apologies. According to the votes, you guys wanted a makeup review. So, here it goes.

I bought this makeup brush set about 2 weeks ago. I wanted to enhance my brush collection and I would honestly say it’s finally COMPLETE. I usually get my makeup brushes from BH Cosmetics because they’re affordable and good quality. I can’t afford to go crazy on Sigma Brushes. Sometime I’ll get a Mac brush or two but for the most part I’ll get BH. I used to get ELF brushes but they’ve been deteriorating.

This brush set was $22.95 for 24 brushes! Yes, I know CRAZY. But the REAL question is, what do I think of the set? It’s a HIT! Giiirrrrrrllll, let me TELL you. These brushes are AMAZINGLY SOFT. Like it feels so plush on my face! Usually, after I clean my brushes they never feel the same but not these. These brushes bounce right back AND they DON’T SHED. Hallelujah. Plus, I lobe any shade of red so that’s a big bonus. The only thing that kind of bugs me is that they are kind of bigger than your average makeup brushes, like a little more bulky BUT that’s no big deal. Anyway, for that value you BETTER by this brush set!



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