Hit or Miss: E.l.f Neutral Palette

In the fashenty world, Mondays aren’t Mondays without Hit or Miss! The polls said you guys wanted a review on a skincare product however I had a friend request a review on an eyeshadow palette. I went ahead & decided to do that instead since I haven’t tried anything new as far as skincare.

I bought the 144 piece neutral eyeshadow palette about 1.5 months ago. Most people think that because e.l.f isn’t high end that it won’t be good quality. I can’t say I completely disagree because I have purchased some things from the company & they ended up failing me but not this one! Surprisingly, this eyeshadow palette is very pigmented just like the BH cosmetics palettes. This palette is definitely not matte. All the colors have a shimmer to them but I like it. Also, the color stays on my eyes for a while with our without priming my eyes. It’s PERFECT for girls who are addicted to smokey eyes! So all in all, definitely at HIT. Plus, it’s only $15! Yeah girl, you read right. 😉

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  1. Love elf, but I feel that they’re eyeshadows are hit or miss even within the same palette. For example, I have a palette with a beautiful purple that works with no effort and in the same palette a black eyeshadow that barely gets on the brush let alone transfers to my eyes. But hey, for the price I’m willing to risk it. 🙂

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