Tried & True Beauty Hacks

Makeup isn’t easy! Especially, if you lived most of your life without it and you’re JUST STARTING to get into the hang of it. Sooooooo, I decided to share with you some beauty hacks that I HAVE PERSONALLY TRIED and I KNOW they work for a fact. Every girl out there can learn more … especially about beauty, duh! Let’s jump in, shall we?

Who hates lipstick on their teeth? EVERYONE. This is the most common mistake! However, the best solution to this is just popping your finger in your mouth and pull it out. It will get all the extra lipstick off. Plus, there’s no need to waste tissue every time you apply lipstick.

Have you ever ran out of deodorant at a crucial time? I know I have PLENTY of times because I live with 5 women. However, don’t fret because in lieu of deodorant you can just apply rubbing alcohol instead. I know what you’re thinking but NO it doesn’t burn and surprisingly A LOT of women do this. It lasts longer and supposedly it’s not as harmful as the toxins in your regular, store bought deodorant. Plus, you won’t get any streaks on your clothes!

Ran out of shaving cream? Use hair conditioner. It works just as well. Coconut oil is amazing for this too!

Is your perfumer wearing off throughout the day? Then apply it in the right places ladies! Also, if you have a lotion with your perfume, apply that first. You want to layer when you apply a fragrance, especially a body spray (since those don’t last as long as perfumes).

According to Carli Bybel, if you apply mascara while a fan is blowing in your face, your lashes will be longer. I’ve tried it and let me tell you … SHE”S RIGHT. Don’t crank up your fan to the highest level but a nice steady flow of air will do the trick.

If you want your makeup to stay matte, spray some mattifying spray on your powder brush BEFORE you put it in the powder. Your face will stay matte longer throughout the day. I swear by this technique because my skin is OILY.

If you’re tired of buying makeup wipes, then just rub olive oil ALL OVER YOUR FACE. Let it set for 5 mins then just rinse it off! Your makeup will come off incredibly easy!

If you put eye drops on your pimples, it reduces redness BIG TIME.



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