Beyonce Says Let’s “Ban Bossy”

Hello beauties! So we all know Beyonce is pro women empowerment and if you didn’t know then you live in a paper bag! Anyway, Queen B, along with other celebrities (Jennifer Garner, Jane Lynch), have decided to be a part of Ban Bossy. Ban Bossy is a campaign that encourages young women to speak their minds and speak leadership without fearing being called “bossy”.

I think this campaign is EVERYTHING! I’m pro women empowerment all the way. I would say I’m a feminist because I do believe in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. It’s perfectly fine, no actually it should be ENCOURAGED that young women be ambitious. Young girls shouldn’t be discouraged to take the lead! I know I’m not and I was encouraged from the very start to be an independent, ambitious woman.

Like Beyonce says, “I’m not bossy. I’m the boss.”

Support #banbossy now!


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