Hit or Miss: Garnier’s Blow Dry Perfector Straightening Balm

Hey dolls! It’s Monday which means another review in the “Hit or Miss” series 🙂 According to last week’s poll, you guys wanted a review on a haircare product for this week so here it goes!

I’m personally a fan of sleek and smooth hair so I decided to pick this baby up at the drugstore. It costs about $4 or less, depending on where you go. The product claims to “create a weightless, humidity-resistant barrier to frizz for lasting smoothness and shine for up to 3 days”. You use it by basically rubbing a small amount onto damp hair and then simply blowing your hair out.

Now, what do I have to say about this product? IT DOES THE JOB! I love this straightening balm. My hair was easier to blow dry than it usually is and I have thick, thick hair so it usually takes a while to get one part of my hair straight. For some reason, it made my hair easier to straighten. I’m thinking that maybe it’s because it controls frizz so there was less frizz to blow dry. However, did it last for 3 days? Hmmmmm I’d say it lasts but your hair won’t look like it did on the first day. However, it won’t look dull, dry, or frizzy. The smoothness is still there so NO WORRIES!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying to achieve a silky, smooth blow out.

Stay Gold xo.

*Remember, you can suggest a specific product in the comment box ❤


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