Pharrell’s New Album: G I R L

Pharrell has released his new album today! All I have to say about this album is that it’s an EARGASM!!!! I heard the whole album this past Friday and I was hooked. I didn’t expect anything but greatness honestly because I’m in loooovveeeee with his voice. Like c’mon, his voice is just soooo sexy!

Anyway, my favorite tracks on the album are Marilyn Monroe, Gush, Lost Queen, and Hunter. The whole album is great but those specific songs are on REPEAT! It’s so depressing because this album makes me LONGGGG for warm weather! It’s still freaking snowing where I’m at and I can’t tell you how over it I am. I AM OVER IT. I can’t wait to be crusin and listening to this album and the many more amazing summer albums to come. But anyway, KUDOS TO PHARRELL for this eargasm!



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