Fifty Shades of Grey Wraps It Up

Yes! It’s true. That’s a wrap! This epic movie is completely done with production :D! Author of the Fifty Shades trilogy, E.L. James, announced it via social media this past Friday. Which means … a trailer should be released anytime now!

This movie has been highly anticipated since 2012. I’m sure so many people, most women haha, are ITCHING to find out how epic OR disappointing this movie is going to be. Most people hate the movie versions of novel series BUT who knows? I personally have high expectations for this movie only because the plot was amazing. However, I’m not a big fan of the entire cast. We all know I wanted a different actress to play Anastasia Steele but whatever. However, I am excited to see Rita Ora play Grey’s younger sister, Mia. I wonder if she’s skilled on-screen. I also think they made a great choice picking Marcia Gay Harden as Grey’s mother. As far as Christian Grey, I believe Jamie Dornan is handsome and has sex appeal but he’s no Ian Somerhalder, let’s admit it 🙂

Keep an eye out for the trailer!


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