Basketball Wives LA

Hello beautiful people! You guys all know I’m a reality TV freak, especially the reality shows on MTV and VH1. So, you know I had to talk about the new season of Basketball Wives LA. Let’s just jump in …

This season there are 3 new girls: Brittish Williams (fiancee of Lorenzo Gordon), Brandi Maxiwell (wife of Jason Maxiwell), and Sundy Carter (friend of Jackie). There are only 3 women who came back for this season: Draya, Malaysia, and Jackie. Now that we know who’s in and who’s out, let’s talk about the good stuff.

Malaysia, my favorite in the show, is still doing her thing. She’s as confident as ever and doing her thing. The first episode didn’t really go too in-depth with her. Jackie is still a little weird but she wasn’t doing anything crazy but I’m sure the craziness will come out soon. Draya is trying to turn a new leaf. She’s currently dating Orlando Scandrick of the Dallas Cowboys. So, I guess she’s leaving the fast life behind and attempting to get a ring. Brittish can be a little bitch BUT I can’t say I dislike her JUST YET. Brandi is pretty chill and she seems like a sweetheart, however she can be a tad inappropriate.  I don’t think I’ll be annoyed by her but like in every show, things change. Now, let’s talk about Sundy. I have a feeling I won’t like her but we shall see. There’s another character, Ariane Stevenson (Deshawn Stevenson’s ex), but I don’t know if she’s an official character. She is another one who needs to know when to speak. She attacked Draya but it was so …. un-called for. I understand Draya has done some classless things but c’mon, that’s not her business. So I’m already annoyed by her. She also doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about. She said she sleeps with women but she’s not gay or bisexual. She even went as far to say that if one of her children came to her and told her they were gay, she’d be heartbroken… like what?! Idiot.

So, that’s pretty much all I’ve gathered from the first episode. However, it’s only the first episode so expect a rant from me sooner than later 🙂


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