Kendall Jenner Runway Controversy

I’m sure plenty of you have heard of Kendall Jenner walking bare breasted on the runway during Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Week. I’m sure no one expected her to be walking down the runway in a sheer top during the Marc Jacobs show but here’s what I have to say … it’s no big deal.

This girl has been wanting to be a model FOREVER.  She finally gets her moment and the public just RUINS it for her. She’s not just the Kardashians’ younger sister. She’s a human being and all the comments I’ve read on her photo on Instagram were just hateful. I didn’t expect her to be daring and show her breasts on the runway BUT I’m not going to write her a hateful comment or say she’s a slut or whatever. It’s a fashion show! She’s not a on porn website. 

Deal with it haters 🙂



  1. I don’t get why anyone would trip about this, this is high fashion, this is what happens in the industry. Look at how MANY female celebrities that have done risqué photoshoots/magazine covers. Including her sister Kim. So no one has room to hate here, just because she’s sort of a “new face” in the modeling industry people get shocked when they see her nude the first couple times, over time she will just climb higher & get older and will probably gain more acceptance when it comes to being “too sexy/revealing.”

    Which is a crock regardless, because we all know how female celebrities do things. More of them take the nude photoshoot than turn it down, just an example.

    Good post 🙂 xo

    1. Yeah I’m a feminist so I hate that people decide to trip about this on the runway but won’t trip in a playboy magazine. Nudity is nudity. It doesn’t make her any less of a lady because she’s a model, it’s her job. Kim, on the other hand, does things got pure profit and attention so I get why people judge her because ages inconsistent. One moment she’s crying about looking naked and the next she’s showing full vagina voluntarily.

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