Red Carpet Manicure


Merry Christmas everyone! If you don’t celebrate Christmas then I hope you enjoy whatever tradition you celebrate! This Christmas my mom bought me the Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit and I must say I’m in love.

 I’m not really a nail person because anytime I do my nails they always, always, ALWAYS get messed up! SO, I think to myself what’s the damn point. However, this gift has shown me the light! I did my nails in 20 mins and no smudging, dry time, or chips. It’s a gel manicure so that’s expected. For those who are not familiar with a gel manicure, it’s basically a manicure that lasts longer than your average one and you harden your nails with a UV light which also dries the nail. You nails end up glossy and the color lasts for a while without chipping.

Anyway, if you’re a manicure maniac but hate getting in the mess of painting your nails with regular polish and waiting for them to dry then buy this! My mom got this one at Ulta and I’m pretty sure it was on sale. It only comes with 1 red gel nail polish and you can only use gel polish. The polishes are about $5-$10, kind of pricy I know but they’re meant for gel manicures so it makes sense.


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