Pregnancy Fashion

Hello people! So, usually I write about things that I would most be interested in and what not but this time I’m going to talk about something that doesn’t effect me yet … pregnancy! I’ve wanted to do a pregnancy fashion post since Kim K’s fashion was a hit or miss during her pregnancy. Now, I may not be pregnant but I do know the resources women have fashion wise when it comes to shopping when you’re pregnant. Some women prefer actually pregnancy stores like Motherhood or A Pea in the Pod BUT some prefer just buying larger clothes and shopping at plus size stores. Some women just raid their significant other’s closet …but I ask why? Men don’t always wear stylish clothes!

So this post is going to just shoot some tips for the pregnant women out there! By the way congrats on your bundle(s) of joy!

Dresses are a big trend among pregnant women! Especially maxi, flowy, dresses. The big thing with dresses like those are that they naturally give you extra room without you needed to buy an extra large and what not. Beware: Don’t buy maxi dresses that are way too big.  You don’t want to seem bigger than you are. We all know Kim K committed fashion faux pas like that! I remember her wearing this beige flowy looking dress BUT it looked horrible. Also, don’t think you can’t wear some tight short dresses! Tight short dresses look good on pregnant women as long as you know how to accentuate your figure! Some examples ….

Another pregnancy fashion trend, is wearing black! Black slims you out and it hugs your figure without making you look like a stuffed sausage. However, just because black is slimming doesn’t mean you can’t wear bright colors! Just remember to know your body and know how to shop for it!

Now, I know not everyone is into dresses! So for moms who love jeans, pants, leggings … it’s all about buying something that not only FITS but looks good! Also, when buying a shirt, buy something that flatters you. Not too big and not too small, something just right for your bump 🙂

Belts are perfect!!!!! So try it 🙂

Tunics are  great idea as well…

Casual tees are perf!

Now when it comes to shoes, I’d recommend a flat because I know everything gets swollen for some women. But it you’re a fashionista, diva type of mom then by all means go for heels! However, I’d recommend a platform heel so you have more support. You don’t want to fall of course 🙂

If you want to see more ideas, check out pinterest! Pinterest has so many ideas for pregnancy fashion. Get inspired !!!


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