Love & Hip Hop New York: Season 4

So, we all know I’m a HUGE fan of reality TV. It’s just sheer entertainment and tomfoolery! So we all know I tuned in on the season 4 premiere of Love & Hip Hop New York and do I have a lot to rant about …..

Let’s start with some old characters….

Tahiry, my chick on the show, is back with Joe Budden. There is no surprise there! I can’t say I’m disappointed. I think they’re  an interesting couple. Joe Budden just needs to get it together. Now, Yandy … my heart goes out to that girl and her family. She is soooo depressed on the inside but I know she is staying strong for her man Mendecees while he’s in jail. I respect it! Now, Erica Mena wasn’t her usual off the meter self in the first episode, but it shall happen sooner than later. Her boobs just keep getting bigger and bigger! Also, she says she’s been playing for the other team since her break up with Rich Dollaz. So, I’m sure we’ll be introduced to her new boo sooner than later but I’m certain she isn’t done messing with Rich Dollaz! K.Michelle has hopped onto the NYC scene and hopefully her life isn’t full of drama like in Atlanta. I hated her in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but maybe she’ll grow on me while she’s in NY.

But, let’s talk about the REAL DRAMA ….. Peter Gunz aka the Stevie J of Love & Hip Hop NY is in a 13 year relationship with his baby mama, Tara Wallace. YET, he is sleeping with his artist Amina Buddfly aka the Joselin Hernandez of Love & Hip Hop NY. EXCEPT, Amina unlike Joselin think she is “wifey” meanwhile Tara has been with this man for 13 years and has 2 of his children…. like what? I CAN’T! At least Joselin Hernandez wasn’t delusional! I don’t know what is going on here except that Peter Gunz is in deep crap because his girl isn’t a doormat like Mimi was in Love & Hip Hop ATL. Like I don’t know what the hell is his problem?! He told Rich Dollaz not to mix business and pleasure with Erica but turns around and starts cheating on his girlfriend with his new artist … seriously? I CAN’T.


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