Halloween Tutorial: TVD Vampire


Hellooooo everyone! Halloween is right around the corner so I decided to practice my Halloween look & share it with you!! My Halloween look this year was inspired by Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries. I’m pretty sure a lot of you know who I’m talking about but if not this is who she is ….

Anyway … She doesn’t wear much makeup but I wanted to make the look a little more dramatic and daring. So if you wanna know how to get this look then keep on reading ….

1. I primed my face & did my regular foundation routine

2. However, when it came to concealer I mixed my regular concealer with white face paint. Don’t use liquid face paint! Use something more thick like white grease paint, which is this.

3. After you put on concealer, still set it which your regular powder. I personally use Revlon Nearly Naked.

4. Now here comes the fun part! The eyes! I used the BH Matte 88 color palette.


For My Eyelid: I used the Red color which is 3rd from the right on the bottom row.

For my Crease: I used the warm brown color which is 2nd from the right on the 6th row.

For the corner of my eye: I used the black color on the bottom right corner and blended in to my lid and crease in  V-SHAPE. 

For my bottom lid: I lined it with the red color I used for my lid .

For mascara, I put L’oreal’s Voluminous Lashes Excess and did 4 coats on my upper lashes and 2 on my bottom lashes! Surprisingly, I didn’t need any eyeliner for this look because I was satisfied with the eye makeup after I did the mascara.

For the veins under my lid, I dipped my lip brush into red lipstick and drew veins under my eyes. If anyone is confused by why I do that, it’s because TVD, the vampires eyes get veiny when they are about drink blood or when they have to urge to feed.

After I finished my eyes, I went on to lips. For lips, I used my favorite vampy lipstick which is Pre-Raphaelite by Mac. It has a Metallic finish and it’s a deep dirty berry color.

As for the blood, I got that at Party City for $2! But you can get fake blood anywhere. I applied it by simply applying drops on the corner of my lips and as gravity would have it, it dripped down my face.

The fangs? I got those bad boys from Amazon, here is the link. They’re very easy to put on!

That’s how I got my makeup look!!! Simple, no?

As far as clothes, I plan to wear a regular tank top with a leather jacket.  A pair of black jeans & some heeled platform boots!

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

I hope you all have an amazing Halloween!!!


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