Kimye Engaged

It seems that Kanye West is really, really serious about his commitment with Kim Kardashian.  I’m sure everyone knows that Jay-Z has been giving Kanye West advice for months and months about making Kim a wife and not a baby mama. Looks like Kanye decided to finally take his advice and make a leap for it!

What a birthday surprise, huh? That must be Kim’s greatest birthday surprise ever! Kanye popped the question in front of all their friends and family at the AT&T park in San Francisco. I can honestly say that I’m happy for them and hopefully this marriage lasts a long time. I think Kim has found the man she’s gonna be with and I know Kanye has changed a bit since he’s been with Kim. When he was on the Kris Jenner show talking about North, I was stunned! I feel like she has altered him a bit but then again … when you become a part of the Kardashian family, I’m sure everything changes!


Congrats Kimye!


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