Nume Magic Wand

Hello lovely people! So I just invested in a Nume Magic Wand and I must say it works wonders! For those of who you aren’t familiar with Nume … they basically sell hair stuff like flat irons, curling wands, blow dryers, etc. However, they are on the pricy side aka $120+ BUT I got mine for $70 due to a coupon code from my fave beauty vlogger. Unfortunately, that coupon is now expired 😦 sorry guys!

So as you can see above, that’s me after I used the Nume magic wand on my hair. I bought the 25mm wand which is the medium sized one I believe. It comes in different colors but I got mine in black because I already have a red leopard print straightener haha. Anyway, I loveeeeee the Nume curling wand!  I did suffer a few burns minor because I thought I was too much of an expert to use the protecting glove … WRONG! Girl, use the glove! Either way, I think my hair came out FABULOUS! The curls stayed in for like 3 days. I slept on them and woke up the next morning and my friends actually thought I got my hair done. I was all like “Staaaahp, I’m blushing!” HAAA! So, I definitely recommend that you purchase one because you hair will come out great!

I can’t end this post without mentioning Nicole Guerriero & Carli Bybel, my fave beauty vloggers on YouTube. They pretty much inspired me to buy this product because they mention Nume often when it comes to their hair tutorials. I’m going to link my 2 favorite videos where they use the Nume magic wand and maybe you’ll get some in inspiration to buy it .. if I haven’t convinced you already!


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