Fall Hair Trends

Hello darlings! Like I said before, it’s Fall & it’s time to switch it up. While you’re shopping for new clothes, why not try a new hairstyle?! Here are some trending hairstyles that are making a bang this season!

Side-swept waves

Who better to advertise this look but Lana del Rey?! She is most beautiful with her side swept waves look. This hair style is glam and sexy. You can make any type of statement you want once you have your outfit & makeup down pat! I’ve already started doing this look for the Fall!

Low Ponytails

This is definitely a Fall fave! Low ponytails are versatile. You can wear them sleek like Beyonce is above. You can wear it messy or you can wear it bouncy with some curls or waves.  Unfortunately, I can’t do this hair style just yet because my hair isn’t at the length I want it to be yet but SOON enough!

Retro Glam

Let’s go back a few decades and appreciate the hair styles back then! I’m in love with the retro look. I mean absolutely in LOVE. I plan to try finger waves & pin up curls very soon. I think after “The Great Gatsby”, retro hairstyles have been more popular than ever. We all know a lot of people going to dress up like characters from the film this Halloween. I guarantee it!

Sleek Back

I’m going to be completely honest! This hairstyle is NOT for everyone! I don’t even think it’s for me but I have YET to try it. You have to have a certain face shape for this in my opinion. It’s classic but has an edgy twist to it. It gives me a “spy” feeling haha if that makes sense. Anyway, if you feel like you can pull it off then give it a try!

Voluminous Hair

Pump up the volume!!! All you need is some teasin’ 😉 I love voluminous hair, definitely one of my signature looks in the cold months! There are so many different ways you can make your hair voluminous. Don’t assume you have to wear your hair down either, you can wear it up and make it look voluminous and edgy & glam as hell!


Buns will always be versatile, that’s why they’re popular. You can do a sleek bun, messy bun, deconstructed bun, donut bun, etc! My personal faves are the donut bun & the bun with a little volume in the front like Zoe Saldana! A messy bun is pretty much the same but with less structure obviously. A deconstructed bun is basically pulling your hair back then tying the bun however you want with no rhyme or reason, this is an example.

Half Up Half Down

Half up half down is pretty adorable if you ask me. I feel like this hairstyle is ideal for family events like Thanksgiving or Christmas, or even a first date. It gives you that sweet look. If you wanna look sexy then do a smokey eye or add a red lip 😉


Last but definitely not least is braids! You can do anything with braids! Braid your crown, braid the whole head, make a fishtail braid, goddess braid, anything! As long as you love it, do it! I can’t braid my hair yet which is disappointing but my the time January comes, I should be able to 🙂



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