Top Red Lipsticks



Anyone who knows me well knows that red lipstick is my thang! It’s my signature look and like Rose McGowan says, “I came out of the womb waving red lipstick.” Therefore, I decided to share with you guys my top favorite red lipsticks. So let’s get started …

Okay so starting from LEFT to RIGHT …

  1. NYX Round Lipstick in Snow White: this red is a deep blue-toned red. It’s a satin finish lipstick. It goes perfect who’s skin is pretty fair. Hence, why it’s called snow white. I intend on using this often throughout the Fall.
  2. NYX Matte Lipstick in Alabama: this is the color I’m wearing in the picture. It looks lighter than it is due to a picture filter but on the website it says it’s a brick red. I think that’s a pretty accurate description. It’s perfect for my skin tone.
  3. NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red: this lipstick is the classic of reds. It’s like the marilyn monroe of the NYX collection in my opinion. As opposed to the snow white, it’s a BRIGHT blue-toned red.
  4. MAC’s Diva: this is one of the most famous lipsticks for the fall. MAC describes it as an intense reddish-burgundy. It’s pretty accurate and it has a matte finish.
  5. MAC’s Pre Raphaelite: this lipstick is like a vamp lipstick. It has a metallic shimmer to it and you can tell in the photo. MAC calls it a metallic dirty berry. It’s pretty daring like something models would put on the runway. It’s a bold color.

So there you have it! If you’re trying to find a red lipstick for you, I think these are the top choices no matter what skin tone you are. The pre rapahelite and diva would be perfect for people with dark skin tones. Snow White and Perfect Red would be perfect for fair and light skin. My skin tone is like a golden bronze and I feel like I can pull these off but my favorites for the Fall season are Diva, Snow White, and Alabama. I use Pre Raphaelite for those bold nights out. If you’re in the olive or golden skin tone … I think Alabama is a must buy and so is Diva!



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