Nina Dobrev Dating Derek Hough

It’s been about 4.5 months since my favorite hollywood couple split… I’m talking about Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder. However, a source has confirmed that Dobrev has now been dating her BFF, Julianne Hough’s brother, Derek Hough. Which also happens to be the man on the right in the picture above! Supposedly, they’ve been an item since August. Well looks like she moves on semi quickly after a break up from a 3 year relationship.

I’m pretty sure this info is true because she was gushing over him via Twitter after he won an Emmy. She tweeted “@derekhough Those of us touched by your light got to watch you brighten up the rest of the world. Keep shining!” and he responded by saying “Your the best babe.” So yeah I guess it’s official. Nian is permanently over! *tear* Anyway, I’m sure Ian Somerhalder is enjoying the bachelor life. I’m sure there’s no bad blood since Dobrev recently congratulated her ex on winning the Condé Nast Traveler‘s Visionaries Award.  Plus, they have to work together for TVD! haha. Either way no couple will ever be like Nian.


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