Liam Hemsworth is Over Miley Cyrus!

Welp! It looks like Liam doesn’t miss his psycho-twerking ex Miley Cyrus. It’s been barely a day since Miley and Liam called off their 15 month engagement and he’s already kissing singer and actress, Enza Gonzalez! I’m definitely not surprised. Liam and Miley are complete opposites and he needs someone classier and more sophisticated than Miley Cyrus. Also, let’s be clear .. I’m NOT HATING on Miley Cyrus. She has a good voice and talent but her personality and public appearance is off the meter! So who would want to put up with that crap? Definitely not Liam Hemsworth .. the sophisticated stud that he is 😉

Looks like Liam couldn’t give 2 fingers in the middle about the breakup. He made his fling with Enza public by making out with her AND also decided to unfollow Miley on Twitter. I guess the breakup didn’t go so well… but Miley is no chump, she also unfollowed Liam on Twitter. I honestly think Liam has been getting cozy with Enza for a while now. They were seen cuddling just 4 days ago in a Bungalow club, however that was BEFORE the break up was confirmed between him and Miley. So, I suppose they’ve been having issues for a while now. He didn’t even walk the red carpet with Miley at the VMA’s soooo clearly there has been some negativity going on. But after that VMA performance, who wouldn’t want to leave?! Anyway, I’m sure Miley will find some rapper to date, since that’s her new identity and I’m sure Liam will be happier with Enza who seems to fit his personality better 🙂


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