Best & Worst Dressed: VMAs 2013

It’s about that time again! After every award show and red carpet event, there has to be a BEST & WORST Dressed post! A fashion post has been long overdue so let’s do the damn thing, shall we? Starting with BEST DRESSED …

Rita Ora in Vauthier

I don’t care what anyone says .. Rita Ora looked absolutely stunning in this gown by Vautier. She is sexy but not provocative. Her Cartier diamonds and her new bob compliment her look flawlessly. I don’t think she’s trying to be Beyonce like people are claiming -_- … give me a break people.

Taylor Swift in Herve Leger by Max Azria

I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift at all. However, her look took me straight to the 20s. Her vintage look is on point. I feel like she could’ve wore this on a more formal occasion than the VMAs but I mean whatever floats her boat. She looks absolutely stunning. The plunging necklace and the really deep navy color is just gorgeous.

Selena Gomez in Versace

Selena Gomez is all grown up and isn’t afraid to show it! Her Versace gown is unique and I think it suits her perfectly. The split is sexy chic and the bustier is gorgeous. However, I wish she wore an up-do so her bustier would show better. Overall, she looked stunning.

Naya Rivera in Vintage Paco Rabanne

I think Naya Rivera is beautiful so she doesn’t have to do much to look stunning. This classic black dress is sexy, sophisticated, and beautiful on her. My only disappointment is she didn’t accentuate the dress with a diamond necklace, the rings are pretty dope though

Melanie Iglesias

Oh sweet Jesus! Melanie Iglesias was soooo freaking sexy and sophisticated at the VMAS! I can’t even stand it. She is naturally gorgeous and that dress is omg … I WANT that dress. It’s perfect and she did her hair perfect! An updo wouldn’t have done this dress justice!

I’m in love with this gown! It’s perfect for Iggy. She looks absolutely gorgeous and sexy in this gown it’s ridiculous. The dress compliments her skin tone and her body shape perfectly. I think she should’ve wore her hair down to add to the sexy factor.

Chanel Iman in J Mendel

This gown is just absolutely gorgeous on Chanel! It brings out the warmth in her skin tone and it’s just perfect for her. I love the dress, accessories, jewelry, hair, and makeup! No complaints here … except she shouldn’t have taken the subway to the VMAs -_-

Now … let’s see the fashion DON’Ts of the VMAs

Miley Cyrus in Dolce & Gabbana

I don’t know what the hell is going on with Miley Cyrus. Aside from her disturbing performance at the VMAs, the way she was dressed on the red carpet was an absolute JOKE! I understand she wants to be edgy and untamed and all that crap but c’mon man! She just looks dumb and unattractive, especially with that hairdo. She should’ve worn something more classy yet edgy.

Sarah Hyland in Marchesa

I think this gown does absolutely nothing for her. It doesn’t complement her at all. Her hair isn’t looking all that great either. She could’ve done better. The shoes are cute though.

Katy Perry in Emanuel Ungaro

I love Katy Perry but I don’t like this dress on her AT ALL. I don’t think it suits her very well. Maybe if the dress was longer of if she was taller it would be better but I HATE it as is. Many will probably disagree with me but sorry, not sorry.

Lady Gaga in Prabal Gurung

Welp! There’s no shocker here. Lady Gaga never dresses to please anyone. It’s hit or miss with her. This time .. it’s miss. She is extremely talented but her red carpet fashion isn’t quite top 5 or top 10.  I don’t like this dress for her. It doesn’t compliment her. She looks kind of scary. I feel like she’s in a dress made out of leather and a garbage bag.



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