Bye, Bye Red Hair

Hello people 🙂 So, I was a red head for about 3 months. It was fun and all but in all seriousness I was TIRED of it! It’s a lot of maintenance and too much work. Also, constantly dying my hair was taking a toll on my hair. So guess what, I went back to black! Wait, false … I first dyed my hair “Raspberry Truffle” which is a mahogany brown from Garnier Nutrisse. However, that didn’t work so well. My hair still had a red tint to it! After 3 weeks, I went to black which was yesterday and I’m in loveeee with it!


If you’re trying to get rid of red hair completely WITHOUT stripping your hair then just buy a really dark box dye, preferably black. However, if black isn’t your thing then go for a really dark brown that will cover the red. A light brown will definitely fade & won’t be enough. Just a tip :). Also, if you’re hair is damaged after going red then go with an ammonia free dye. I dyed my hair with Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream.


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