Review: Brow Bar To Go

Helloooooooo. So, I finally bought my own Brow Bar To Go by Whitening Lightening and here’s what I think of it …. it’s awesome! I first discovered it through my favorite beauty bloggers, Nicole & Carli. They swore by it so I thought hey why not? So, I bought this bad boy on whitening lightening at a discounted price because Nicole provided her viewers with a coupon code : NIC70! So thank you Nicole 🙂

Anyway, what I love about this is that it makes my brows look so natural and defined. I already have thick brows but I like to define them. I used to be a fan of eyebrow pencils until I used this! I still use a pencil to maybe outline but sometimes I just skip it because the Brow Bar is sooooo good. This is so much better and it lasts alllllll day. I swear it doesn’t smudge or anything like a pencil would. So definitely buy it, if you’re into brow makeup.



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