New Favorite Places to Shop

So once again I’ve been on a hiatus. I’ve been extremely busy with work and school so now that I’ve gotten a day off, I can finally get back to blogging! So lately, I’ve been shopping at new places for my clothes. Forever 21, Nasty Gal, Necessary Clothing and Lulu’s are still my main stores but I’ve added other stuff to the mix thanks to Polyvore. So let’s start the list ..

TobiIt’s probably one of the best online boutiques I’ve come across. Their blouses, leggings, and dresses are my favorite. The clothes are affordable and when you first join you get 50% off your purchase. Also, you can’t buy anything if you’re not a member.

Boohoo: This place is very, very affordable. Their clothes are cute and stylish. They always have free US shipping for orders over $25. So definitely check it out.

Tillys: The fashion is very skater like but the women’s section is pretty dope. The corsets, blouses, and graphic tees are my fave. I love their shoe selection too.

Heels: is shoe heaven. You can search for any type of shoe you want and they will come up with a plethora of options! It’s better than searching multiple shoe websites.

Revolve Clothing: It’s on the pricy side but you can find things in the $20-$50 range. They carry designer brand for a lesser price.

Sabo Skirt: The tops and dresses are definitely my fave. The prices are good too.


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