Robert Pattinson Enjoying the Single Life

Hello people 🙂 So at first, I thought there was a good chance that Rob & Kristen would get back together. However, now I’ve realized that’s probably NOT going to happen.

It’s almost going to be 2 months since the pair split.  However, unlike most people after 2 months of a breakup, Robert Pattinson is enjoying his freedom. He’s been hanging out with his friends and simply enjoying life, which is what he should be doing. There IS  a rumor going on that he’s been getting a little cozy with Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough. They have been spotted driving around in his Silverado BUT it’s a rumor … so far. A source stated that although he isn’t dating right now, he is open to the idea.

Kristen Stewart doesn’t seem too broken up either. She made her first public appearance at 2013 Paris Fashion Week. She was all smiles showing off her new tattoos. So all in all, it seems like the two are doing well. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a make-up.


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