Fifty Shades of Grey Release Date

Now although we still don’t know who the hell will be playing the amazing role of CHRISTIAN GREY, we FINALLY know when Fifty Shades of Grey will be hitting theaters! This heavily anticipated film will be hitting North American theaters August 1, 2014! In one year we will see the book come to life on the big screen!

However, let’s get back to who is playing Christian Grey! The latest rumor has been leaning towards Robert Pattinson. Just recently he threw a party for director, Nicholas Jarecki, in which author of the series, E.L. James was in attendance. But that doesn’t really prove anything. Other rumors have been circulating around Alex Pettyfer, Ian Somerhalder, and Ryan Gosling. We all know my number one choice is obviously IAN SOMERHALDER. Alex Pettyfer is completely wrong for the part. Ryan Gosling is not too shabby but I would prefer Matt Bomer before him. I’m not exactly sure what I think about Robert Pattinson playing Christian Grey. It has a little bit of potential but ehhhh … I’m not won over. Ian Somerhalder is perfect freaking match! What’s so hard to understand?! Stop with the tomfoolery!


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