Kim Kardashian’s Baby is Here

Kim Kardashian is officially a mother! She gave birth yesterday to a a baby girl, who is stated to look just like her mother. Well thank God for that haha! The baby’s name is supposedly Kaidence Donda West but other rumors say its North West ….. I definitely vote for Kaidence.

Want to hear another shocker? She had her baby NATURALLY, no Epidural! I totally didn’t expect that from Kim K. She is such a princess that I expected she would totally ask for it. Also, she gave birth 5 weeks EARLY. That DOES NOT surprise me at all. She is constantly on the move, wearing heels & what not, and is constantly stressing herself out. I definitely didn’t think she’d last til July. The real baby I’m waiting for is the royal baby, so hopefully Kate Middleton is the next in line to give birth!

But, congrats to Kimye and a happy father’s day to Kanye West.


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