Best Products for Wavy & Curly Hair


Hello beauties! So it’s time for a beauty post. I need to make more effort in the beauty department so I’ve decided to dabble a bit in the hair department 🙂

As you can see in the picture, my hair is naturally a mix wavy and curly. My hair curls are loose not tight and doily. If your curls are tight then you have kinky hair not curly or wavy. Wavy hair is pretty self explanatory. My hair is personally on the wavier side because I have to scrunch it if I want real curls. I love my natural hair! It may be more upkeep than keeping my hair straight all the time but sometimes you just gotta embrace your natural side. So I’m going to educate you ladies on the best products to use for wavy & curly hair 🙂

Whether your hair is wavy or curly it definitely needs HYDRATION! Therefore, I always do deep conditioning treatments on my hair. My holy grail deep treatment is Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery …

Now if you don’t know about Miss Jessie’s products, you better get acquainted ladies! Miss Jessie’s hair products are specifically for curly and kinky hair! It’s not so much for wavy hair people but since my hair is a mixture, I use it anyway. The price for this deep treatment varies on the size. I got mine for free because my mother works in fashion and beauty so luckily I have the hookup.

As far as styling goes, I’m personally not a HUGE fan of gel. I just don’t like the hard, plastered look. I prefer mousses, conditioners, and hair spray. Here are my holy grail styling products ..

Tresemme’s Flawless Curls Lotion Creme, $4.99

This product is AMAZING. It keeps your curls soft and smooth all day long. They won’t dry out or look frizzy. They’ll look natural and just carefree and I love it!

Aussie Hair insurance Leave-In Conditioner, $3.99

I first got acquainted with this product about 4 years ago & I fell in love instantly. This is PERFECT for wavy hair. Aussie products are the wavy hair GOD SEND. Not only does it make your hair look gorgeous but it protects your hair and adds protein.

Aussie Sprunch Collection

Aussie is my go-to for my hair when it’s wet. It gives my hair hold and control frizz without being sticky or hard. It definitely gives my hair definition and shine. My hair smells soooooo good too! Like ugh! I could sniff Aussie all day & I know that makes me sound like a druggie ha but it’s the truth.

Now one thing you’re definitely going to need for wavy and curly hair is a DIFFUSER!

A diffuser is that black attachment that has prongs coming out it. You attach it to your blow dryer and let your curls gather in it. Diffusers are perfect because they give you volume without frizz! So you don’t look like a fur ball and your curls/waves don’t lose definition. It’s better than using a blow dryer alone because it distributes the air more evenly. So definitely invest in a diffuser if you have curly or wavy hair.



  1. Thanx a lot for the post , had a layered cut sometime back and , i have wavy hair – needless to say it is unmanageable , i’m from India , and as far as i know , tresseme is the only one available from your suggestions – bought few weeks back , and your post has made me ready to try it .

  2. Thanks for the post! The first two products mentioned are new to me. I am particularly excited to try the deep conditioner from Miss Jessie. A curly girl can’t ever have enough deep treatments handy >:D

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