Devious Maids

So while I was looking for something to watch the other night, I ran into this tv show on Lifetime. I remember seeing commercials for it so I decided to check it out and turns out I made a good decision.

Devious Maids, starring Roselyn Sanchez, Dania Ramirez, Susan Lucci, and Drew Van Acker, is a pretty interesting show. The genre is comedy/drama but it’s the drama part that sucks you in. The show is basically about 4 Latina maids who are ambitious and educated and work for wealthy families. They know all the secrets, lies, and betrayals which ultimately gives them the power.

It appealed to me not only because two of my favorite Latinas are in it, but because it’s a show on rich people but through a different perspective. Like I’ve never seen anything where the maids are really the ones on top because of their knowledge and slyness. So I think this show has potential and I’ll continue to watch it. If you’re into Lifetime or any type of drama TV, definitely give this show a gander.


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