Kim Kardashian Officially Divorced

 Well finally! This 72 day marriage took forever to officially end .. so technically Kim Kardashian has been married for over 72 days. She filed for divorce in 2011 and finally in 2013 it is officially over! The divorce was finally official the day after her baby shower. What a great present! ha

I think Kim and Kris should’ve never been together in first place. They are completely different and I know what the hell they saw in each other. Like seriously? He acts like a redneck idiot. When he talks, it’s the most annoying thing ever. Plus he would never have fit into her lifestyle. She’s too high maintenance for him. He’s too country for her. On a side note, Kim K and Kanye West are expecting a girl! I’m sure most of you knew that but hey might as well share it 🙂


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