Makeup for the Summer

Hello ladies! Let’s talk makeup. Now the summer is the worst season for makeup because it will run down your face with the scorching heat! You will look a mess! Plus if you’re an oily beast like me, you’ll look even worst! So I’m going to tell you about a few products that are perfect for the summer and for those people who have OILY skin!

The matte look is really in! By matte, I mean the airbrushed look. It doesn’t look wet, dewy, or shiny. You want to avoid the dewy look at all cost during the summer unless you’re going to be in an air conditioned place 24/7. The sun will ultimately make your face dewy on it’s own. So why even bother? Stick with the matte.

Rimmel London’s Clean Finish Matte Foundation, $3.97

This foundation is the bomb and inexpensive! Who wouldn’t want to buy this for the summer? It lasts up to 12 hours too and your pores won’t be noticeable at all! You’ll look airbrushed girlfriend.

Neutrogena’s Skin Clearing Oil-Free Foundation, $13.99

The best thing about this is not only is it oil-free but it will treat you skin. It has salicylic acid in it so it helps treat your blemishes and acne. Since it oil-free, it’s less likely to run down your face when the sun is beaming. So if you want to treat your skin plus cover up those flaws, this is for you!

Clinque’s Pore Refining Foundation, $27

I want to sing to this foundation! It’s AH-MAZING but pricy! So unfortunately, I can’t buy it all the time. During the summer, I splurge on it because an oily beast like me NEEDS it! The Clinque line is always amazing but this foundation is just beautiful. You’ll look airbrushed because it makes your pores virtually disappear. Plus it’s oil free and that’s what oily skin people and summer makeup people need.

NARS foundation, $44

I’ve only had the pleasure of having 2 bottles of this beautiful product and it was memorable! This is another foundation I want to sing to. This foundation, while expensive, is from the Heavens. It’s oil-free, had great coverage, controls shine, and is matte. Like ugh! I wish I was able to splurge on this all the time! If you can splurge, BUY IT! If you have oily skin, this is your God send. If you want a perfect foundation for the summer, BUY IT!

So I hope all my oily skin friends benefit from this post! I hope all you summer makeup wearers benefit as well! Ciao 🙂


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