Lawsuit for Miguel?

Hi everyone 🙂 I’m sure we all know what happened at the Billboard Music Awards. R&B artist, Miguel, landed on a girl’s head while performing his famous song “Adorn”. It was pretty shocking and some probably thought it was hilarious. I was just shocked and surprised her neck didn’t snap. But it looks like the girl who Miguel landed on, Khyati Shah, is “considering” filing a lawsuit against Miguel.

I think it’s pretty sketchy! Why? Because after Miguel crash landed on her, she was all smiles. When she was interviewed she was just holding an ice pack on her elbow. But a few weeks later she’s considering suing him? Give me a break. Her lawyer says that the decision to file a lawsuit will be made after she gets her medical results. Her lawyer also stated that she has suffered from “difficulties” ever since the incident. Now I’m not saying she’s lying. What I am saying is if she was really injured she would’ve filed a lawsuit wayyyyyyy sooner. Her excuse was that she was “starstruck” during her interview and that’s why she was all smiles. I’m not really buying it. I think there’s a possibility that she just wants money. Just a possibility.

I hope Miguel doesn’t end up with a lawsuit. It was completely an accident and he did show concern for her afterwards. But hey if it ends up that she really is “critically hurt”, I guess we’ll see what happens.


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