Interview Fashion

Hey guys! So today, I wanted to write about something that definitely crosses my mind and I’m sure crosses a majority of your minds and that is … “What should I wear to a job interview?” Not knowing what to wear to a job interview is pretty frustrating and nerve-wracking. You want to make the best impression, right? So I decided to write about different ways you should dress for different interviews. You’re not going to wear the same outfit you wore for a job at Starbucks that you’re going to wear for a job at a corporate office. You’re not going to wear the same outfit for a corporate office that you will for a fashion job and so on and so forth. It all depends what kind of job it is. So I’m going to give you some tips for how to dress for different types of jobs. I hope you benefit 🙂

Corporate Industry

Corporate interviews are wear you want to keep it conservative and professional. Examples of careers that you would want to wear something like this are accounting, business, law, finance, etc. In fields like those, you don’t want to be loud or too casual. You always want to keep it toned down and professional.  Wear a conservative heel (closed toe not too high). Wear neutral colors: black, navy, grey, white. You want to stick with the basics.No one ever got denied because they were too professional!

Creative Industry

Creative Interviews are interviews where they is obviously room for some color and some creativity. Hence the term, creative interviews. Examples of careers that you would want to dress like this are music, advertising, graphic design, etc. The difference between the corporate and creative industries is that while professional, creative industries give you room to add some color. You don’t have to stick with the navy, black, blue, grey like in a corporate setting.

Fashion Industry

For a fashion industry interview, you’re going to want to show that you know how to dress. If you can’t dress yourself, why would you get hired to dress others? For a fashion interview, always have a great bag and always wear heels. Don’t go over 4 inches though. They will be judging how you dress more than other interviews because its the FASHION INDUSTRY .. duh! You want to be trendy and chic yet professional. Always keep it classy. Always keep it professional. For a fashion interview, the classic way to go is a dress and blazer. You can do well-fitting pants if you prefer but accessorize well! Also, don’t go designer crazy. No one likes a label whore.

Casual Industries

When I say causal interview, I don’t mean let’s wear tank tops and flip flops. Remember, you always have to keep it professional. It doesn’t matter what kind of interview it is. What I mean by casual is part-time jobs. Jobs like cashier, hostess, barista, etc are jobs that you’re obviously not going to pull out your best suit for. You don’t have to wear heels to these interviews. You can be more relaxed but that doesn’t mean wear jeans, shorts, sandals, tank tops, t-shirts, sneakers, etc. You still want to look good, presentable and most of all professional!

Interview Do’s:

  • Keep your makeup natural and light. Skip the eye shadow, bronzer, and bright lipstick.
  • Keep your hair clean, simple, and neat.
  • Wear something that FITS you.
  • Make sure your shoes are polished and scuff free.

Interview Fashion Dont’s:

  • Don’t wear sandals, flip flops, wedges, or sneakers. Open toe pumps are fine but only for creative or fashion industries.
  • Don’t look trashy. Always keep skirts and dresses at knee length.
  • Skip wild nail polish like animal print, stripes, designs, etc. You’re not going to a club.
  • Skip heavy perfume. You never know who’s allergic.

When in doubt, go for the conservative look. You can’t go wrong with that.

Remember: Dress for the job you WANT, not the job you HAVE.


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