Amanda Bynes’ Downward Spiral

Hey guys! So it’s safe to say that child stars have a tendency to grow up and make bad choices. Prime examples are Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. However, now Amanda Bynes has taken the child star gone bad spotlight!

Let’s be honest here! This former Nickelodeon child star is a complete mess. She’s slowly but surely going to become the new Lindsay with her bizarre and reckless behavior. I never ever expected her to go downhill. She didn’t seem like type to get out of control but you can never underestimate anyone.

It all started with her driving issues. She was caught talking on her cellphone while driving and was issued a ticket. A month later, she is arrested for DUI and a hit & run with her lavender colored hair. I’m sure most of you will remember that mugshot. Then a couple months later, she rear ends another car & flees the scene. What the hell Amanda? Can you not drive? Ultimately she got her license suspended and then still decides to drive. Guess what? She gets caught! How? She was driving without her headlights on. No surprise there.

Then, she decides to move to NY and wreak more havoc. Lucky for her, the judge dismissed her 2 hit and runs. But that doesn’t stop her from being a lunatic. She then decides to be a selfie addict and begins posting raunchy photos of herself on twitter. She even tweeted some raunchy things to Drake. She’s also been seen acting like a druggie on the streets of NY. She then threatens to sue Perez Hilton and US Weekly for talking negatively about her. Like what in the world? Maybe if she wasn’t such a damn weirdo there would be nothing negative to say! Get it together girl!

This April, she tweeted that she has an eating disorder. She was supposedly thrown out of Planet Fitness for smoking weed in the restroom. Then she decided to pull a Britney and shave half her head. Earlier this month, she was sentenced to 3 years probation and charged a fine for driving with a suspended license. She just recently threatened another magazine, In Touch Weekly, for posting “fake” photos of her. Supposedly they “fucking hate her”. At least, that’s what she claims on Twitter.

Now for the cherry on top? Are we ready? *drumroll* This past Thursday, she decided to throw her bong out her apartment window. What the hell?! She was obviously arrested and decided to appear to court with a blonde wig. Why? Because she’s obviously mentally unstable. She denied it of course. She said she only smokes tobacco … I’m sure. With all those issues .. she must be smoking something! Post arrest, she tweeted her denial and said that after seeing her mugshot, she needs another nose job. Oh Amanda ….

Clearly, she’s in a downward spiral and it’s only getting worse and worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Lindsay decide to team up.


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