Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Style

This has been a big topic for a while now … Kim K’s pregnancy and her maternity style. In my opinion, it’s really hit or miss with Kim K. Sometimes she knows how to dress for her pregnant body and sometimes she just doesn’t. I believe that people sometimes do go overboard when it comes to criticizing her. However, at the same time, Kanye West shouldn’t be letting her go outside looking wrong. Like come on now, Kanye is supposed to be her fashion guru and he lets her go out looking crazy sometimes!

I think that pregnancy looks a little weird on Kim only because she is naturally thick. When her sister Kourtney was pregnant, she didn’t look weird but that’s because Kourtney is petite. Kim, on the other hand, has huge boobs and a big booty so when you add a huge belly to that .. it looks kind of crazy.

What I’ve gathered is that she needs to wear more loose fitting clothes. She needs to wear clothes that complement her body shape. All these tight fitting clothes just accentuate how wide she is and it doesn’t look quite nice. She also needs to stop suffocating her poor feet with those tight heels!

This post is mostly going to show you what I think are Kim’s best maternity looks and her worst. So enough reading, let’s look at these photos!




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