Beyonce’s Power Status Rises

Beyonce continues and continues to climb the success ladder.  Forbes has released The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women for the 2013 year and it seems like Beyonce has become more and more powerful. Last year, she was #32 and this year she is #17. That’s a bit of climb there. She is only 4 spots away from Oprah, who is #13 on the list. Queen B is now the second most powerful entrepreneur and entertainer!

Does that surprise me? Nope. Beyonce’s status has been rising and rising for years. Her tour has made her extremely successful and popular. There is no reason that she wouldn’t climb the power ladder. Plus her fan base is ridiculously large. I give her props though! She may not be my favorite artist but I do give credit when it’s do. This diva is doing the damn thing. So congrats to her.


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