Best Dressed: Billboard Music Awards 2013

I’m on a roll with these Best Dressed posts. I just love watching the celebrity fashion. I should definitely be on the Fashion Police with Joan Rivers haha. It simply just fascinates me! Let’s see the best dressed celebs at the Billboard Music Awards!

Emmy Rossum in Zuhair Murad

I want this dress! Emmy Rossum looks gorgeous in this partially sheer gown. It complements her figure beautifully and it’s just sooo beautiful. The back is sheer right up until it reaches her lower back. If you want to see the back of the dress, just click here. She just looks so gorgeous and subtly sexy. She definitely made a good choice with this dress.

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Jennifer Lopez SLAYED at the Billboard Music Awards! Hands down she was my favorite out of  everyone at the Billboard Awards! Like come on ladies, she killed it. She always killing it! She has the hips and booty to rock a dress like this. For a middle aged women, she still got it and I applaud her! She is looking sexy and just gorgeous in this gown! Keep slaying them J.Lo.

Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad

No matter how much I dislike Taylor Swift and trust me it’s a lot -_- … she looked pretty damn good at the Billboard Awards!  Zuhair Murad did it again! He’s making these celebrities look amazing! I love this dress because it’s short, cute, and sparkles. It gives that slight edgy vibe. It suits her well and I think she did the dress justice here. I think its perfect for Taylor Swift.

Selena Gomez in Atelier Versace

Selena Gomez is off the charts! I loveeeeeee herrrr. I think she could do way better than Justine Bieber but that’s not the point haha. The point is she’s looking beautiful here. She is all grown up and unlike a lot of child stars, she knows how to stay classy. She isn’t going down the Lindsay Lohan road. She is beautiful and this gown look beautiful on her, simple as that!


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