Robsten Splits Again! But Not For Long …

Jeez! I feel like I just wrote the post about them back together again! But the Twilight couple has split once again for mutual reasons.

The whole cheating episode has obviously done major damage to this relationship. The effects still linger and will probably always will in a sense. Kristen is devastated. Sources say that they don’t want to ruin their friendship since lately they haven’t been really getting along. They need some time away from each other. Remember, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Sources also say, that Kristen is frustrated and feels that she needs to prove herself to Rob but doesn’t know what she has to to. Sounds to me like Rob has been bringing up her cheating fiasco often in their arguments. But who can blame him? He’s burned.

This split isn’t permanent it’s more of a break. They even still lives together for the sake of their pets. So, their bound to get back together. This couple can’t stay apart for too long; we all know that! But let’s just hope they get back together sooner than later and Kristen doesn’t get too comfortable in the single life!


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