Best Dressed: Cannes Film Festival

It’s about that time people! It’s time in indulge in the fashion of the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival! We all know I LOVE doing “Best Dressed” posts! I live for this stuff.  So let’s see who stunned me ….

Cara Delevingne in Burberry

No surprise here. Cara Delevingne nailed it once again! Plunging V-necks are her thing. She rocked it at the MET Gala and she did it again and she looks so hot!! I love her edgy look. She looks so elegant but badass at the same time. I love it and I love the lace on her gown. It’s perfect and you know what else is perfect? Her makeup! That red lip and smoky eye just added to her look. I’m in love with her overall look.

Lana Del Rey in Lena Hoschek

Everyone knows I’m in loveeeeee with Lana Del Rey! She went vintage on the red carpet and did it fabulously! She obviously knew how to dress in honor of the The Great Gatsby. This vintage style dress suits her in every way. Her hair is perfect for this dress and so is her attitude. We all know Lana Del Rey reminds us of the twenties with her music and style and she just amplified it on the red carpet. She looks absolutely gorgeous. Well done Lana!

Isla Fisher in Oscar de la Renta

A red head in red .. double threat! Love, love, love this gown on Isla Fisher. I feel like she is the prefect person to wear this dress. She looks amazing. She wowed me! I loveeeeee the ruffles and train on this dress. Instead of the her doing the dress justice, the dress did her justice! I love it. She worked it and owned it!

Surprisingly, I only have 3 favorites. I feel like there were a lot of celebs that looked good and pretty but not many of them awed me. I guess I’m just getting pickier. The Great Gatsby’s Carey Mulligan looked great but not enough for me to go bonkers. Her dress was really elegant but simple. I wasn’t wowed. Emma Watson looked cute with her black and white dress but again I wasn’t wowed. I’m mentioning them because they deserve credit on their classy, simple, gowns. Check them out online 🙂


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