Dare To Wear Hawaiian Print

Hawaiian prints were trending last season and according to Vogue, they’re coming back this season! I’ve never been a fan of intense tropical patterns. Like many people, I associated it with those cheesy tropical shirts that middle aged men wear on casual Fridays to their office jobs. However, now that I’m doing my research and looking into different ways to wear the Hawaiian print trend … I think I’m becoming a fan!

From my point of view, I think the Hawaiian print works best on a top of skirt. I can’t wear full blown Hawaiian print from head to toe. I’m definitely not that bold and the patterns would hurt my eyes and perhaps the eyes of others. BUT, if that’s your style then go for it girl! Work it, Work it, OWN IT!

I think that this trend is definitely NOT for everyone. Hence, the phrase “dare to wear”. Not everyone loves tropical, bold, colorful patterns. If you want to be brave and decide to rock this daring trend, go on Polyvore and check out different tropical/Hawaiian styles. You might be pleasantly surprised!


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