Beyonce Pregnant ?

Are the rumors true? I have no clue! But what I CAN tell you is that Mr & Mrs. Carter definitely want more kids. Beyonce has expressed that she definitely wanted to have another child because she loved being an older sister to Solange. The question however is WHEN do this dynamic plan to have the second baby. Who knows? Maybe the baby is already brewing in Queen B’s tummy!

The rumors have escalated due to the fact that Beyonce cancelled her show in Belgium. Her doctor told her to take it easy due to dehydration and exhaustion. Also, it was reported that she and her crew ate tons of food in Ireland like nachos, wings, garlic bread, cornbread, rice, and coleslaw … so I guess people are linking that to her being pregnant? I think that’s just dumb. Anyone can eat that! Let me know when she starts eating pickles and ice cream.

Bottom Line: It hasn’t been confirmed! But keep a look out, maybe she’ll announce it at a major event like her last pregnancy! ha!


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