WORST DRESSED: Met Gala 2013

I always do Best Dressed for red carpet events but it’s time I share the Worst Dressed! The people I’m about to name in this Worst Dressed post HIGHLY disappointed me! I expected way better from them during the Met Gala! Like .. what the hell were they thinking?!

Kim, what the HELL were you thinking wearing this table cloth of a dress?! She looked like a flower printed sofa! Like I expected so much more from her! Granted, she has had some maternity fashion faux pas but SERIOUSLY?! GIVE ME A BREAK! She couldn’t have thought she looked good in this dress! And Kanye should’ve not even let her leave the damn house looking like that! Even Robin Williams made fun of her & said he wore it better …

I agree with him Robin Williams! The designer, Riccardo Tisci, came to Kim’s defense by saying she is the most beautiful pregnant woman he’s ever dressed. Yeah, she’s beautiful but that damn dress doesn’t accentuate her beauty.

I have not a DAMN clue why people think this outfit was “so Punk” on Kristen Stewart! She looks horrible! This jumpsuit does absolutely nothing for her figure. Like why would she decide to wear that? The worst part of the jumpsuit is the way it fits her waist & hips, like what the hell? This outfit is just horrible. Sorry Kristen ! I love you but NO.

I had big, big, BIG expectations for Beyonce at this year’s Met Gala but she let me down BIG TIME! Anyone who thinks this dress is gorgeous must be biased or blind! Like seriously, it’s ugly. Then to wear matching boots with it?! HIDEOUS! This outfit was a disaster. It’s no surprise that the same person who designed Kim K’s gown designed Beyonce’s … nice going.



  1. Beyonce was very graceful in person but what she wore did not photograph well at all. I didn’t even see the boots when she walked by me. Kim K’s make-up was on point but her outfit (especially for her first time at the MET gala) was an atrocity. K-Stew looked lovely in person and I really did not have a problem with her outfit because I could (and still can) see both the chaos and the couture in her entire look unlike the previous two.

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