Chris & Rihanna Split .. AGAIN

According to Chris Brown, the relationship between him & Rihanna is over. Is this permanent? Who the hell knows. They are a rollercoaster couple. One day he’s beating on her, the next day they’re making a song together, the next day they’re arguing and then the next day they’re at the Grammy’s together. I’m over it.

Chris stated “I can’t focus on wife-ing someone that young.” … um wtf? She’s a year older than him and that might not be much but come on, really? Maybe she’s mentally immature but I don’t think it’s mentally mature to put your hands on a female .. so there. What I believe is that there are in 2 different point in their lives. Chris said that he needs to focus on being the best just Chris Brown he can be and I COMPLETELY agree. I have nothing against him but I am a bigger fan of Rihanna. I think they aren’t meant to be BUT that doesn’t mean that they won’t be together again. Some people are addicted to drama. Rihanna & Chris are manic lovers, just plain drama all around. He says that there will always be love between them though, which is understandable. All I’m saying is .. I doubt this break up is permanent with their track history. But best of luck to them! Hopefully, Chris Brown focuses on being the best he can be. Rihanna … she just need to keep on being fierce! 😉


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