To Selena, With Love

Okay, enough about celebrities, beauty, and fashion … for now. I want to talk about a book that I read about a year ago & it was probably one of the best books I’ve read because of who it was about.

Now, I’m sure a good number of people are familiar with Selena, especially Hispanics. Nowadays, when I say Selena, people automatically think I’m talking about Selena Gomez …NO. I’m talking about the legend pictured above. Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with this beauty .. let me educate you. She was a young Mexican-American singer from the mid 80’s to the 90’s. She was murdered in 1995 by her fan club president and it was a TRAGEDY! Her music was amazing and she was just an amazing person. I was infatuated with her as a child and I’ll always be a fan. There’s a movie based on her life, in which Jennifer Lopez plays her. So feel free to watch it if you’re curious & while you’re at it, give a listen to her music.

Back to the book, this book was written by her husband in tribute to her.The book is in his perspective from the moment he met her, until her death and a little bit after. I must say this book is probably the most touching, sad, interesting book I’ve read. It gives you a glimpse of her life off stage and you get to see how she was behind closed doors. It’s definitely something that a fan would love to read. You might cry a little, just warning you.  You can buy this book from Barnes & Nobles hardcover for $14. If you’re a Nook owner, you can get it for $12. I suggest every big fan of hers reads this. Keep her legacy alive! ❤



      1. Ahhhh impressive. Not many people who aren’t a part of the Hispanic community know much about her. Most know OF her but not in depth.

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