Trend: Jewels on the Feet


Hey guys! So it’s been a little while since I spoke about fashion so I wanted to talk about a particular trend that’s been on the rise … Jeweled sandals! Yes, jeweled sandals are the thing! I see so many people buying them & I’m becoming one of those people.

You can get jeweled sandals pretty much anywhere & reasonably priced. I bought a pair of VS zigi sandals [pictured above] for $70. Yes, on the pricy side but you don’t have to buy them from VS. Macy’s, DSW, Charlotte Russe, & Steve Madden all sell jeweled sandals. Just explore different stores & I’m sure you’ll find a pair you love at a great price.

In my opinion, this trend is a trend for a damn good reason. Who doesn’t want to embellish & accent their feet? Haha! No but really jeweled sandals can make an outfit. Especially if you’re wearing a maxi dress or maxi skirt. It can just complete your spring/summer outfit, especially if you have nice feet haha! Now start shopping!


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