How To: Care For Your Pout

It’s time to talk about lips & how to care for those lovely pouts! Who likes chapped and dry lips? No one! I’m going to share with you my favorite products to keep those lips soft, supple, and beautiful! Let’s jump in ..

We’re going to start with simple tips!

1. always, always put on lip balm even if you’re putting on lipstick

2. use a toothbrush on your lips to get rid of dead skin cells

3. use vaseline on your lips if their cracked and dry .. lip balm won’t cut it

Now moving on to my favorite lip products …

Baby Lips by Maybelline, $5

Baby Lips was my first true love in lip balm. It’s pretty much my holy grail of lip balm. I use it everyday. It lasts on your lips for up to 8 hours and you’ll notice a difference in your lips within a week. The name says it all. Your lips will be baby smooth. Another good thing about this lip balm is that it gives you a tint of color. My ultimate favorite one is Cherry Me but I’m also a fan of Quenched and Peach Kiss. Quenched is clear though, it won’t give you any color.

eos Lip Balm, $3

Eos comes second best to baby lips. Only because it doesn’t give me color but it does have flavor to it! The moisture is long lasting but I don’t really know an exact time. The best thing about these lip balms is that they contain Shea butter and vitamin E. It’s also 95% organic, for those of you who are in favor of organic products. It’s also petroleum and paraben free. My personal favorites are Summer Fruit and Pomegranate Raspberry. 

Sugar Lip Treatment, $23

Now this lip balms is amazing but pricey!  If it wasn’t so pricey, I’d put it before eos. You can get it at Sephora and sometimes if you’re a member, they’ll give you a sample. That’s how I was first introduced to Sugar Lips. Sugar lips works like a charm, gives you color, and has SPF 15. My personal faves are Sugar Rose Tinted, Sugar Coral Tinted, and Sugar Passion Tinted. If you’re willing to splurge, then go for it! I highly recommend these.



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