Riri Woo Sells Out in Three Hours!

Hello darlings! As most of you may know, Rihanna launched her own lipstick with MAC cosmetics called Riri Woo. Not surprisingly, this lipstick SOLD OUT within 3 hours. Yes, 3 hours people!

I’m not surprised at all! Rihanna has been in the spotlight BIG TIME because of her Diamonds tour, her River Island clothing line, and her rollercoaster relationship with Chris Brown. So hey, why not dip into the beauty market too? Rihanna says she decided to work with MAC because she’s always been a fan of the brand & their cosmetics. She said she has been using MAC cosmetics on tour so it was a great fit for her to collaborate with them & launch her own lipstick. I got to give her credit. She knows how to play it smart & stay in the limelight!

I personally plan on buying this lipstick ASAP! I’m a BIG FAN of red lipstick, especially everyone’s MAC favorite, Ruby Woo . i wonder which one will suit me better. Thank God they will be shipping some more out in June. It sounds like a long time, doesn’t it? I know. Patience is a virtue ladies! Be on the lookout for the next shipment of Riri Woo!


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