Get Rid of Those Scars!

Hi guys! So a classmate of mine asked me to do a blog post about scars! I thought, hey why not? Scars have to do with beauty and maintenance. So Jordyn, this is for you! šŸ™‚

I’ve had my fair share of scars! Not because I’m clumsy or get into drunk messes but because I have horrible luck with heated objects. Yeah .. I suck with curling irons and the regular clothes irons. Actually, the other day I was too lazy to take off my shirt to iron it, so my brilliant self decided to iron my shirt while wearing it. Yeah that was a BIG NO. Now I have a nasty burn scar on my back. Not a pretty sight, but with the products I’m using, it should fade in a month or so. So let’s talk about the magical scar fading products I use.

Mederma will always be #1 in scar removal. I’ve always used mederma on my scars. It is on the expensive side about $15-25 bucks depending on what size you buy. If you want you’re scar to go away with this you’re going to have to be really dedicated because it won’t go away overnight.. nothing ever does. The only con I can say about this is that it sometimes flakes on my skin and peels but nothing crazy. You can get it at the drugstore or at a supercenter.

Bio Oil is amazing! I don’t know another word to describe this product than with the word amazing. It works miracles to treat & prevent stretch marks & it works pretty damn well with scars too. I’ve used it once with a scar on my forehead. I had a ugly burn scar due to using the Instyler rotating hair iron, go figure. It looked hideous and my cousin recommended Bio Oil because she used it throughout her pregnancy. I could honestly say I saw results in about a little less than 2 weeks. You can buy this at the drugstore, the starting price is around $12 bucks.

Note: Scars will never go away completely! I fell off my bike when I was 11 and I still have a faded scar on my knee. These products will help FADE the scar & make it not less visible. They won’t make them disappear completely. Also, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money then go with good old fashioned Vitamin E & Cocoa Butter. They work for scars too, just not as fast. šŸ™‚


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