Beyonce & Her Diva Demands

Let’s talk diva! Let’s talk Beyonce! Yes, everyone’s favorite woman in the world, not mine but that’s just my opinion. I like Beyonce but I’m not obssessed. She’s talented and beautiful but I think the hype about her is ridiculous. Granted, she is married to Jay Z, she is loaded with money, and her voice is amazing and her body is beautiful but she’s been in the limelight for so long that I’m over the hype.

But! This post is going to be about my opinion. This post is going to be about Beyonce & the interesting/diva demands she has expressed during her tour. Let’s begin with this list …

  1. No Junk Food: This is completely understandable. She has to maintain her body, duh!
  2. Titanium Drinking Straws: WTF? She wants this to drink “alkaline water” that is exactly 21 degrees. Oh and by the way, these straws cost $600 euros, which is roughly $935 in American dollars. If it’s not 21 degrees, you’re in trouble.
  3. 100% Pure Cotton Clothing for her staff: This is supposedly to protect her from allergies.
  4. Red Toilet Paper: uhmmmm … maybe this could be useful during a monthly situation … if you know what I mean
  5. Freshly Painted White Walls & New Toilet Seat: This is understandable. Building maintenance is important!
  6. Hand Carved Ice Balls: Again, wtf? The ice balls MUST be hand carved & MUST come from imported Swiss water.

Sounds to me like she is living up to the title Queen B! Some die hard fans are gonna see this post as me criticizing her but that is not the case. I give her credit when it’s due. Some people will be like “Well she’s Beyonce!” There are plenty celebs who are beautiful, talented, and on her level & I’m sure they haven’t had demands like these. She is a great artist, no doubt about it but I just think her demands are dumb for the exception of 2-3.



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