Teen Mom: Sex Tape

Hey guys! So I don’t know, I might be a little late on this topic but it came to my attention a few days ago that MTV’s Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, signed a contract with a pornographic film production company and has released a sex tape. Like seriously?

I was highly disappointed because she wasn’t my favorite Teen Mom but I definitely liked her more than Amber & Catelynn. She has gone SOUTH. I read her book this past Fall & I actually enjoyed it. I got to see why she came off as such a brat and how her life really was behind the scenes. I respected her more after I read the book but NOW that is all in the garbage.

I have no problem with people who choose to live their life like that. I have nothing against playboy bunnies, porn stars, etc but she made a wrong move because she was supposed to be a role model to teen girls. She was supposed to put the right image out there and motivate girls not to get pregnant and to protect themselves. Maci Bookout, another one of MTV’s teen moms, has done various speeches on teen pregnancy. She uses her fame in a positive way. On the other hand, Farrah is over here making sex tapes! Like what in the world is wrong with you? What does that tell the teens of America? Let’s get knocked up & then be porn stars! NO. What the hell! She definitely needs to get her priorities straight. What kind of role model is she trying to be for her daughter? I feel like everything she has started to do is for attention. The problem is the only attention she’s getting is negative.

If you want to read the article, check out this link! Toodles.




  1. It really sickens me, the length the likes of Farrah Abraham will go to for fame, at the expense of her beautiful little girl. The selling of her sex tape will have unknown and devastating lasting consequences for her daughter when she grows up. Check out my response on my blog here

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